Samurai Slasher - Late Fees

Scenariusz: Mike Garley
Rysunek: Łukasz Kowalczuk
Kolor: Łukasz Mazur
Liternictwo: Łukasz Mazur

A mythical Samurai warrior goes on a killer rampage. Based on the 80s Slasher film that never was...


"A unique exploration of the nature of escapism set against the bloody backdrop of 80s horror."

- David Molofsky (A place to hang your cape)


"The worlds first 'slash of life' comic - poignant personal reflections and 80s infused samurai action combine to create a truly one of a kind story!"

- Alex Thomas (Pipedream comics)


"The Samurai Slasher returns to tear your heart right outta your chest. Garley & Kowalczuk successfully add a whole new dimension to one of the most exciting and impressive franchises on the small press scene."

- Ricardo Mo (Propeller, Colossi, Deuce of Hearts)


"Expertly blends horror and nostalgia to tell a powerful story that will stay with you..."

- James Ferguson (Horror talk)

Liczba stron: 36
Format: B5
Oprawa: miękka
Druk: kolor
Wydanie: I

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